Star Citizen Anniversary Sale 2016: What To Expect From Cloud Imperium Games

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The Star Citizen anniversary is today. To celebrate, developer Cloud Imperium Games is expected to once again offer limited edition spaceships to players. If you?re looking to get into the game?s ongoing alpha or simply want to add another ship to your virtual collection, read on to get a glimpse of what you can expect.

Star Citizen Anniversary Brings Limited Edition Ships

The official Star Citizen subreddit has a detailed breakdown of all the different limited edition ships that may be on sale. Most of the names have not been officially confirmed, but the list does state the likeliness of a certain ship being available for purchase. For those tight on cash, the guide suggests purchasing a cross-chassis upgrade (CCU) for a ship of the same type as the one you?re eyeing and paying the rest at a later date. Here?s how to do it:

?If you have a Mustang Alpha and would like a Sabre but cannot pay the $140 difference while the Sabre is available, grab a Constellation Taurus to Sabre CCU for $20 and then you can take until Star Citizen’s Beta release to save up money toward the $110 Mustang Alpha to Constellation Taurus CCU to complete the chain.?

Fans are also expecting the new Tevarin Prowler to debut during the Star Citizen anniversary livestream. They are predicting a $425 price point. According to the developers, spaceships and the ship development pipeline will be the main focus of the broadcast.

This hasn?t stopped fans from hoping that footage of both Squadron 42 and update 3.0 can be squeezed in somewhere. You can catch the stream at 1 pm PST (9 pm GMT). Prior to this, a special LAN event showcasing the new Star Marine FPS mode will be broadcast at 9 am PST.

Are you hyped for the Star Citizen anniversary festivities? For more about the game, stay tuned to TheBitBag.

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