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Star Citizen Anniversary Livestream: No Squadron 42 Reveal? CIG Reveals Plans [Updated]

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Star Citizen Anniversary Livestream

The Star Citizen anniversary livestream will be aired on November 18, but the highly anticipated Squadron 42 single-player mode is unlikely to make an appearance. Developer Cloud Imperium Games said that the anniversary day event will be focused on ships. According to the developer, fans can expect the developer to ?focus heavily? on ship pipeline during the event. There are chances that just like CitizenCon, CIG might ditch a Squadron 42 reveal.

The developer has not confirmed whether they will unveil Squadron 42 on the said date. According to the latest blog post in which the company shared its progress in the month of October, it says they are still working on Squadron 42. The latest blog post also suggest that the event?s focus will be ships, and the work on Squadron 42 along with the patch 2.6 and 3.0 is still ongoing.

Last month, the company said at CitizenCon?that they need more time to polish Squadron 42. The single-player campaign showcase for Star Citizen was delayed to 2017, but the developer didn?t confirm any specifics on when fans can see a footage of the campaign. Now when everyone was expecting the reveal to take place during the Star Citizen anniversary livestream, it seems that CIG will again disappoint fans.

As the developer is already working on Squadron 42, it has confirmed that they are currently focusing on the game’s AI and visual effects. As there?s no specific announcement on the campaign mode, it seems that the company might at least share some details at the event. The official words from the company says that is celebrating the end of the original crowdfunding campaign and ?there will be plenty to see? during the event, the official progress report reads.

Erratum:?Previously, the article erroneously stated that the anniversary livestream will happen on November 18 and that the crowdfunding campaign come to an end. The article has now been updated to reflect these changes.


According to CIG, the livestream will start at 1PM PST. It will be streamed on?YouTube??and Twitch.

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