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Star Citizen Anniversary Livestream 2016: What We Can Learn From Past Anniversary Reveals

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Star Citizen Anniversary

The Star Citizen anniversary livestream 2016 is expected to bring many new details. The company has already said that the event will be focused more on ships. Fans believe that they should set their expectations low because developer Cloud Imperium Games has not even showcased what they promised for CitizenCon 2016. Here?s what we can learn from the company?s previous anniversary livestream to get a better idea of what the studio?will show this week.

Anniversary In 2015

This is not the first time that the developer might posibbly focus on mainly showcasing ships. Last year?s Star Citizen anniversary livestream introduced Crucible, a ship which is a part of the wave 4 concept program. The studio revealed that the ship will open bays for the large ships and will also manipulate the repair arms of the big ships. The studio also shared an image of the ship which can be found below.

Star Citizen Anniversary

CIG also unveiled Anvil, a chair for the ship. Images for some larger ships such as argo, connie and tali were also showcased during the event.

After CIG showcased ships, the studio introduced a character in the game named Mark. He?s a veteran on the ship and plays the role of a mentor for rookie players. It was also confirmed that Gillian Anderson, Gary Oldman, and John Rhys-Davies will also play a major role in the single-player campaign.

Later during the Star Citizen anniversary livestream in 2015, details on the customization part were also shared by the developers. At last, the project pipeline was showcased, and the studio also shared details on the team members? roles and responsibilities.

Ships In 2016

Players do not have big hopes from the Star Citizen anniversary livestream 2016. On a Reddit thread, players say that the company doesn?t reveal much during their?anniversary events, so it is better to adjust their expectations accordingly.

Last year, the developer released ships for sale as a part of the Star Citizen anniversary. If the developer doesn?t bring the highly anticipated Squadron 42 and announce a release date for Alpha 2.6 and 3.0 for 2016, there are chances that some of the new ships will simply be a part of this year?s anniversary sale.

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