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Star Citizen: A Schedule Update plus Lofty Goals means Death?

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Star Citizen isn?t letting anything stop it; not now, when all things seem to be falling into place.

Recently, an Attack of the Fanboy article says that Star Citizen is in line to receive another update?specifically to Arena Commander. The update 1.0.1 will address some of the issues encountered by users?known bugs, glitches, and other problems which developers may have overlooked. Aside from that, as always, there?s more, and we?ll explore each and every one of those.

Another interesting topic of discussion is being raised by Metro. Star Citizen is naturally gearing itself up to become the game which others envy, and Chris Roberts wouldn?t have it any other way. However, are they setting themselves up for a bigger failure? There?s the phrase ?over-deliver and under-promise?, but then again, Star Citizen has promised a lot of things. These made people back it up to the tune of $69M and counting, but are they in danger of actually under-delivering?

Arena Commander 1.0.1

Star Citizen is releasing Arena Commander 1.0.1 in the upcoming days.

Community Manager Ben Lesnick, speaking in an Attack of the Fanboy article, confirmed that update 1.0.1 is indeed on its way. This is to fix the known issues and bugs tracked down by the community, especially in the recently released ?Dogfight Module?. Some of these bugs included:

  • Vanduul Swarm match-making unavailability.
  • Private games being made public.

Perhaps this update will also contain some of the fruits of the recent stretch goal achievement. Star Citizen is at $69M and counting, and it?s become something like a tradition for them to expect a new update with each stretch goal reached.

Star Citizen Setting Itself Up for Failure?

That Star Citizen is promising a lot of things while showing very little for it?at the moment?is one of the points being raised by this Metro UK article.

Star Citizen, as per Chris Roberts, is a virtual universe where there?s a wide range of freedom to be what you want to be?a freighter captain, a pirate, a luxury cruiser captain, or even a galactic ace. However, in the event that it becomes too steep to ever achieve, Star Citizen runs the risk of becoming a title with so very little to show for all the hype it?s been able to heap on itself. Just ask Destiny, as per Metro UK?s recommendation.

However, that doesn?t seem to be the case. Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts seems to be not in the business of making empty promises. This is returned by the faith that Star Citizen has in him, resulting in around $69M worth of backing.

A Big Chance to Achieve

Star Citizen?s moment is now, in a manner of speaking.

There will always be doubters in place of backers. However, how Star Citizen goes about from this point on up until its completion will say whether it?s on the way to fulfilling what it set out to do or not. However, Chris Roberts reputation?concerning Wing Commander?speaks for itself, and maybe he still has something up his sleeves.


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