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Star Citizen 2.6 Patch: Star Marine, Gameplay Tweaks, And More Now Live!

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The Star Citizen 2.6 patch has just gone live on the game?s Player Test Universe! Access to the PTU is currently limited to a select number of players, but Cloud Imperium Games said they will be increasing that amount over time. Let?s dive right into all the new additions included in this huge update.

Star Marine Finally Arrives in Star Citizen 2.6 Patch

Patch 2.6?s biggest newcomer is none other than Star Marine ? the highly anticipated multiplayer shooter component of the full Star Citizen package. For this initial rollout, Cloud Imperium has two maps and two modes ready for players to try out. The coming of Star Marine also heralds the introduction of several new FPS mechanics. There are all-new animations for taking cover, crouching, and mantling and vaulting over objects. They are currently only implemented in Star Marine, but expect to see them make their way into the full game in the near future.

Star Citizen 2.6 also introduces several huge tweaks to ship balancing. Here?s what the official patch notes say:

?Up to now, certain ships were held as a gold standard, meaning that we had to force values for new ships far beyond where they should naturally sit. Our goal is to nominalize speed and reset the balance across the board.?

Expect to see several changes to flight speeds across the entire catalogue of Star Citizen?s ships. Cloud Imperium says this was necessary to avoid the inherent power creep that comes when introducing new ships, of which 2.6 has 4. Here are the four new rides you can fly in:

  • ???????The Aegis Vanguard Hoplite
  • ???????The Drake Herald
  • ???????The Drake Caterpillar
  • ???????Origin 85X

This is just the tip of the iceberg. To get a comprehensive breakdown of the Star Citizen 2.6 patch, check out the full patch notes here.

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