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Star Citizen 2.6: Official Patch Notes And The Biggest New Features Available

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Star Citizen 2.6 is here just in time for Christmas! The latest major update for the ever-evolving space sim has just gone live and is available to all Star Citizen owners. The patch log is a meaty one filled with dozens of new features and changes. Here are the biggest ones you can expect to see once you game is done updating.

Star Citizen 2.6 Arrives

The flagship addition to Star Citizen 2.6 is Star Marine, the long awaited FPS component of the overall Star Citizen experience. In this patch, you?ll now be able to take part in intense zero-gravity gunfights against your fellow Star Citizen players. The mode comes complete with online leaderboards, loadout customization, and a progression system. Not bad for a first effort.

Star Marine comes with two maps and game modes at launch. The first mode is Elimination which is your standard free-for-all where the player with the most number of kills at the end of the match is declared the winner. The second is Last Stand, a team-based territory control mode broken up into four rounds.

Due to Star Marine?s addition several new gameplay mechanics and features have been added. The game now has a new status effect called ?Bleeding? which decreases a player?s overall health pool. New animations for mantling, vaulting, and taking cover have also been added to further refine the FPS experience.

As for ships, Cloud Imperium Games introduced several huge changes. Here?s what they had to say:

?We have made some significant changes to how ships perform in 2.6.0, and expect this will significantly alter combat tactics for many players. One of the largest changes has been in ship speeds.?

These changes were introduced to prevent the inherent power creep that comes when adding more ships to the roster.

To see the full patch notes for Star Citizen 2.6, click?here.

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