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Stanford Engineers Come Up With a Controller With Emotion Sensors

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Stanford Engineers Come Up With a Controller With Emotion Sensors

Stanford, California ? A group of engineers from the Stanford University came up with a controller that can sense and act on the emotions of the player.

The office of electrical engineering was a witness to the birth of this new material that is said to change the way gaming is done. It could revolutionize it just like when console companies added vibrate and more functions to the controllers.

The quest for this material did not come easy for the students and the school staff. They have worked with the sciences that are not completely related to them for better results. One of the examples is having to deal with the nervous system.

What Would Be a Great Change

For those who still do not understand why a controller with emotion sensors is important, then, try to think of a zombie game. Your blood rushes and your heart pounds harder when you play games. These are just common indicators that you are probably enjoying the game. With that, the gameplay will continue with its default setting.

On the one hand, if the controller senses that you are a little bored with the game, it will send more zombies for you to be more excited. The difficulty will adjust depending on your capability.

The Making of the New Controllers

As what was mentioned, the entire make-up of the controller came from tons of efforts from both the students and the staff. They have tested several variables to know how they can arrive at the best material.

At first, they were trying to figure out how they would measure the feelings of a person. They realized that watching a person play is better than connecting the nerves to the sensors right away. They also tested several controllers from different consoles to work this out. One time, the Xbox 360 was used. They added sensors through the use of digital printing.

They measured the panting and the breathing of the player. Also, the heart rate measurement and the shaking of the controller were noted in every game play. The facets of the game were also part of the variables. They worked on racing cars for this experiment.

The controller that we have today is already more than satisfying. However, the thought of having another futuristic game controller such as this is truly exciting. Are you willing to upgrade your console that has these features?

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