Stan Lee Picks Which Side He Is On In Captain America: Civil War

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Civil War will be pitting against two of our favorite Marvel heroes, what do some of the artists involved in the film and comics would pick on their side?

Captain America: Civil War will be one big film where some of the Marvel Cinematic Universe heroes will be torn apart. Almost similar to the comic book version of Civil War, the heroes will be picking different sides after the effects of a tragedy that forces the US government to require all superheroes to be registered, On this side, there is Iron Man who is in favor of the registration act, on the other side, we have Captain America who believes that superheroes should be given civil liberties. This caused some characters to pick on the sides based on their personal beliefs, and made Civil War one of the most interesting comic book arc stories in Marvel.

We already know which characters are picking sides, with Iron Man gaining the upper hand with more members on his side, but what about the actors? pick? Chris Evans shared his side about his team being mismatch. When asked about his team being outnumbered, he stated, ?Do we? Well, maybe you?ll have to see the movie to find out.?

Meanwhile Stan Lee, who co-created Captain America and Iron Man also shared his side. He said that he is in favor of Captain America because of how a good person he is, ?Whatever side Captain America was on [should win], because he’s the best, pure-hearted person in the whole world.? This is most likely Stan has more attachment to the Captain America character as he wrote more stories since the 1940s.

We will be able to know which will win and which side we will be on once Captain America: Civil War will hit theaters on May 6, 2016.


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