Stan Lee A Bad Boss? Swears And Harasses High-paid Employees? Fans Of The Iconic Marvel Creator Defends!

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Marvel Comic Creator Stan Lee, 92, and his family are being sued after they allegedly verbally harassed Stan’s former assistant, however, numerous fans didn?t believe the accuser and mocked him for being whiny.

Ex-assistant of Stan Lee, Shawn Lukaszewicz, 29, said Stan Lee cursed and threw insults at him during his tenure from October 2014 until June 2015, Daily Mail reported.

Here are Lukaszewicz?s claims on how Lee and his family berated him:

Artist Render of Stan Lee by TheBitBag.

  • Lee told Lukaszewicz to ?get the f*ck out and never ring my damn doorbell again? whenever Lukaszwicz dropped-off documents at Lee?s house.
  • Lee?s daughter, Joan Celia Lee, allegedly called him ?f*cking stupid? and threatened to fire him after he posted a photo with her even on the internet. He says it was Joan who requested the photo to be uploaded
  • Joan humiliated Lukaszwicz at her birthday party by telling him he was a ?retarded *sshole? whilst in the midst others in her birthday party. This happened as Lukaszwewicz postponed his flight to see his mom for her birthday as he was called to prepare for Joan?s birthday instead.
  • Stan was ?very abusive? and claimed Lukaszewicz was driving too slow on their way to meet Boxing Champion Manny Pacquiao before he departs from Las Vegas for his fight with Floyd Mayweather. Lee allegedly said Lukaszewicz was a ?f*cking idiot* and Stan added: ?Now everyone at the office thinks you are a f*cking *sshole.?
  • Stan ordered Lukaszwicz to create a both at the LA Comikaze convention, but he didn?t show appreciation and was even told that he did a ?s***** job? and the booth he made was ?f****** embarrassing,? Daily Mail reported.

Lukaszewicz also said he was paid $40 per hour as a full-time executive assistant of Stan Lee, however, he ranted that he was required to be always on-call. He also claima that he wasn?t paid for working overtime, Comicbook reported.

Lukaszewicz’s duties involved launching and managing websites, managing social media for Lee?s daughter, and running personal errands for the family, the report said.

Fans Defend Stan Lee!

Numerous people online didn?t believe the complaints of Lukaszewicz.


Some even made fun of the accuser, saying more than enough people would be willing to replace him.

?It sounds like this guy needs to grow a pair. Do you know how many Dr I have worked for that have screamed things at me. Oh and don?t expect me to cry over your $40 an hour,? user Owl-of-the-Court said in the comments section of Comicbook.com.

People made fun of the accuser on the comments section in NY Daily News:

  • Handsome Devil: Poor cupcake working for a tough boss? Please. Put on your Big Boy Pants and grow up
  • Javier Santiago: Awww.. another case of hurt feelings?? google hurt feelings report, fill it out and we?ll get back to you. SMH at today?s society? Man up BRO!

Comments from Daily Mail UK claimed that the accuser is only being whiny as he is incapable of providing results compared to old timers like Stan Lee:

  • on the river road: It?s hard for millennials to work with old timers, who are used to getting things done and doing right
  • Millennial?. What do you expect. Going w Stan on this one.

A Stan Lee fan on Movie Pilot claimed that the cool and funny man who is known for doing cameos in Marvel movies would never act rudely towards others:

Sam Deeter: There is a distinct difference. Stan is a well known public figure with no history of this type of behavior. One can make fairly educated assumption about his personality.

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