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Build a mini indoor play area for your kids with these stair slides

Let them have fun safely.

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Make indoor activities more fun and exciting with StairSlide:

  • Durable, safe, and easy to assemble stair slides
  • Allow kids to play safely and comfortably indoors
  • Keep kids entertained for hours
  • Easy to clean, stack, and store

Kids never seem to get tired when they’re having fun playing. However, in return, parents usually get worried about their safety. Unfortunately, you can’t always look after them, especially when you’re busy working or doing chores. Well, you can now keep them entertained and allow them to play safely in the comfort of your home with StairSlide

The Original StairSlide is long-lasting and easy to assemble. It’s made from durable and impact-resistant ABS plastic and other high-quality (and safe!) materials. It’s recommended for ages 3 to 12 and can support up to 175 lbs. 

The slide can cover three stair steps, but you can also add more slides to cover the entire staircase if you want your kids to have more fun! It also expands to fit different stair heights. To ensure the safety of your kids, it even has a non-slip grip bottom for hard and soft surfaces that is tough against scratches. 

Meanwhile, the patent-pending and self-anchoring design use unique features to help prevent the slides from moving during use without permanently installing StairSlide on your stairs. It is important, though, to constantly remind your kids to bend their knees when sliding and to land on their feet – not on their bum – to avoid possible injuries. 

After use, these slides are incredibly easy to stack, store, and clean. You may opt to get one to six slides or more, depending on how high you want to assemble them for the mini indoor play area for your little ones.