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Stagefright Part 2: New Android Vulnerability Discovered, Solution Here!

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Android received another blow to their software as the widespread Android Vulnerability which caused an extensive amount of problems to Google has come back. Trend Micro, a security research firm, has discovered a new vulnerability in how videos are handled that can allow a hacker to run their own code on mobile devices, posted by the Guardian.

Stagefright 2

Much like the Stagefright that Google patched recently in August, ?the attack works on nearly every version of Android still in use, from 2010?s version 2.3 all the way to April?s version 5.1.1,? shared to the Guardian.

According to Wish Wu from Trend Micro, ?With this new vulnerability, an attacker would be able to run their code with the same permissions that the media server program already has as part of its normal routines.

?Since the media server component deals with a lot of media-related tasks including taking pictures, reading mp4 files, and recording videos, the privacy of the victim may be at risk. Devices with customized versions of Android but with no modification made to the media server component are also affected,? posted by Trend Micro in their blog. ?A dilemma users may face is that it will be difficult for them to locate the cause once an attack occurs.?

Stagefright Solution

Trend Micro services recommend patching their devices regularly to prevent them from attacks that use the Stagefright Vulnerability. ?End users can block this threat from the onset by downloading Trend Mirco Mobile Security (TMMS), which can detect threats trying to use this vulnerability and running any of the possible vulnerability scenarios,? according to a blog from Trend Micro. Android users may also reboot their devices with the use of safe mode in order to delete the nasty threat. This Stagefright solution may help you in protecting you Android devices.

For more information regarding the previous Stagefright Security Vulnerability, check out this link.

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