Stagefright Bug Comes Back: How To Protect Your Phone?

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Stagefright Bug

Stagefright bug which troubles Android phones is back.

The Israeli software research company NorthBit has told that ?it had ?exploited the ?Stagefright? bug. ?According to Wired, NorthBit experimented the bug on LG G3, HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S5. It also released a video in which the bug was seen on Nexus 5.

NorthBit CEO Gil Dabah has admitted that ??Stagefright? bug may cause severe damage if it reach hackers. “Our research managed to get it [the attack] to the level of production grade, meaning that everyone – both the bad guys and good guys, or governments – could use our research in order to facilitate it in the wild,?

?The team here at North-Bit has built a working exploit affecting Android versions 2.2 ?to 4.0 and 5.0 to 5.1, while bypassing ASLR on versions 5.0 ?to 5.1 (as Android versions 2.2 to 4.0 do not implement ASLR,” ?NorthBit?s research papers reads, according to Digit.

The research team has claimed that the Stagefright can only harm Android 2.2, 4.0, 5.0 and 5.1. So, if you are phone is run on other versions of Android you don?t have to worry, according to Hack Read. Other versions are safe for now.

?I would be surprised if multiple professional hacking groups do not have working Stagefright exploits by now. Many devices out there are still vulnerable, so Zimperium has not published the second exploit in order to protect the ecosystem,? the chairman of Zimperium said.

How To Protect Your Phone From ?Stagefright? bug?

The Next Web report says that attackers will not be able to break your phone security if you don?t click an infected link. You are more vulnerable to hacking if you don?t come out of the suspicious website immediately. So, henceforth be careful while following the unknown and untrustworthy links. Google is yet to find out the weapon to kill Stagefright bug. Till then be careful on the internet!

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