SSFIV Let’s Get 10 Wins in Endless Battle

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After at least maybe 30 matches or more between me and No Skill I somehow found myself up 5 in a row. I don’t really think wins 1-5 were that great since I wasn’t really taking it too seriously, but I decided I would upload some highlights from them. I apologize for the quality in the HL video. 🙁

During our play session I would get a few wins then just randomly pick someone and then lose unfortunately, but since I was up 5 wins I decided to get serious and finally get the 10 wins in a row trophy. I knew No Skill wouldn’t go easy on me so this was the perfect chance to test my mettle and earn 10 wins in a row on someone who could beat me. With match 6 things get really interesting. (y) I wonder, can you guess who my main is? 😉

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