Square-Enix’s 0 Day Attack on Earth – XBL Arcade

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With TGS 2009 pumping out a whole lot of Playstation news, we all forgot that both Nintendo and Microsoft had a few things to show off as well. This morning I found some juicy information in my E-Mail. Boy have times really changed for the XBLA games as of late. I can recall the first generation of Xbox 360’s XBL Arcade games. Games like DigDug, Pacman and Frogger flooded the platforms network and while they are cool to play even to this day I felt like XBLA was missing something that made it a true destination for AAA games.

Now fast forward to 2009 and we can all agree, the quality of the Xbox Live Arcade games are starting to rival even full retail DISK based titles in terms of visuals and game play depth. One stand out title that needs no introduction IMO is Shadow Complex.

shadow-complex-gameYou can queue up the trial to your Xbox 360 here.

But let me get to the point, Square Enix has just posted the TGS 2009 trailer for 0 Day attack on Earth a game coming to the 360’s XBLA platform. There are actually quite a few amazing titles that are in the pipe for the end of this year and beyond, but after seeing this video I had to make sure as many gamers got a glimpse of this amazing title.









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