Square Enix Teases For Upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3, Releases Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix

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Photo Credits: Square Enix

Square Enix has been working hard for the past years creating quality games that made marks in the video game industry. One of their best franchises is the Kingdom Hearts which was the first game series released in Japan back in 2002 and several installments followed after them.

One of the good things that you can see within this game is that it collaborates with the Disney universe, giving new plots to childhood stories we grew up with. After the great success of Kingdom Hearts 2 back in 2006, fans are already expecting a sequel to it. And last year?s E3 event, Tetsuya Nomura promised an upcoming installment to the series and presented not less than the fans expected.

Before Nomura jumpstarted to Kingdom Hearts 3, somehow he managed to tease us with another chapter, a twist, to the previous game. And there goes Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix that went out back in December 2013.

According to Nomura, It will take a while for the Kingdom Hearts 3 to come out and when it does, he wants it to be perfect. He provided some visual features that will be expected when the installment comes, giving the game visual flair, expressing his desire that it would totally look ?Disney?.

?We don’t have an official name for it, but we have something called the ‘Kingdom Shader.’ We showed it in the E3 Trailer, but it’s our attempt to ‘Express Disney’s 2D brushwork in 3D.’ When deciding on the graphical direction for?Kingdom Hearts III, we talked with Square Enix’s Takeshi Nozue and the rest of Square Enix’s visual development department, Visual Works, and had them prepare several different styles.?Some were in a ‘brushwork-like style’ and they were developed into what you saw at E3. We have a development base where Visual Works makes a pre-rendered movie that we convert into a real-time render.” He explained.

With complex scenarios in vast Disney worlds, fans are eagerly waiting for it to be released. On the other hand, Disney is on their feet providing quality animated movies and reviving those stories that were almost forgotten which is believed to match with the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3.

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