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Final Fantasy Record Keeper (Image Credit to
Final Fantasy Record Keeper (Image Credit to

Just recently, Square-Enix?s countdown for Final Fantasy Record Keeper came to a close and the game was finally revealed. DeNa, working with Square-Enix, officially unveiled their latest mobile game that will be available on both iOS and Android platforms.

In the game, you will be taking the role of Deci, a young guy who is studying under Dr. Mog on the history department. Another character named Sid is also tagging along (always have, always will, if you?ve been following the series for more than a decade)

In a rough translation by Google Translate from the official Final Fantasy Record Keeper website, here?s how the story, characters and release date was described.


The story in the game will take place in a kingdom where ?people believe that ?memories? of great stories have been protecting and keeping the peace of the world. These ?memories? are kept in ?shapes of pictures that they refer to as ?Big Bridge no Shitou?, ?Daikuudou? and ?Zanarukando?


Based on the official website, there will be three characters ( or at least three for now as they appear on the website ), categorized as : Deshi, Mogu and Shido. Additional characters are Shiva, Ramuh, Titan, Ifrit, and Bahamut, which are all under the Shoukanju (Summoned Beasts) category.

Advance Registration Campaign

You can register in advance with your email address or twitter account. Mitrhil*5 will be given to early registrants of the social game.


Release Date: Summer 2014

Compatible OS: iOS 6.0 and later/Android 2.3 and later

Price: Free (items are charged)

According to?Siliconera?s gathered information, gamers would be able to enter these ?memories? by jumping inside the painting ala ?Mario 64?. On the game?s site, it is stated that most canon Final Fantasy games will be included and you?ll be able to relive most of the memorable moments on each title, from Final Fantasy I up to XIII.

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