Square Enix: Lords of the Fallen Launching October 31

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Square Enix has revealed a new upcoming Role-Playing Game that is set to be out this October 31, Lords of the Fallen.

According to several sources, it looks similar to Dark Souls. Two known developers, a Polish Studio CI Games (formerly known as City Interactive Games) and Germany?s Deck 13, developed the game. In an interview with Polygon, Jan Klose, creative director at Deck 13 stated the game?s features.

?I’m a big fan of the Souls series, but it’s just not 100 percent the type of game I would really play until the end.”

However, there are almost exact similarities with the controls of The Lords of the Fallen and Dark Souls. The control layout is identical ? a heavy and light attack on the right shoulder buttons, raising the shield and parrying on the left shoulder buttons, dodging and gulping down potions on the face buttons

Nevertheless, despite the similarities, Klose branded Lord of the Fallen as the RPG that puts realism on the forefront. It means that playing an RPG game does not only depend on stats but on timing as well. There must be a focus on the immediate action rather than calculating and competing stats.

The players will be playing a man named Harkyn. The world revolves around a time when gods ?failed? humanity. Your goal as Harkyn is to set foot and take arms against the Fallen God. The game features a distinct trait as it allows you to change the individual storyline based on your decisions while the game progresses. Some events may also change as consequences of your decisions, so you must choose wisely.

You can also change classes based on the class-type of armor that you are wearing. You can take the role of a knight, cleric, or rogue to start and change class as the game moves on. You can also unleash different special moves with each class. These special moves use class? action points.

You can also watch the trailer for Lords of the Fallen to see a bit of the gameplay.




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