Square Enix Confirmed The Arrival of Final Fantasy VII G-Bike To iOS and Android Devices

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Final Fantasy VII G-Bike

For hardcore fans of the Final Fantasy series, it?s time to gear up and put your helmets on! Game developer Square Enix has just revealed that Final Fantasy VII G-Bike will come to Android and iOS devices soon. It will be a free-to-play game with in-app purchases but the precise release date is yet to be discussed.

While not a lot of details have been put to light about the new title?s gameplay, the official trailer shown at the E3 2014 suggests that the Final Fantasy VII mobile game will belong to the endless running game genre. It apparently includes obstacle courses, boss encounters, and challenging chase sequences. In the video, Cloud is the only character to be shown together with his famous Buster Sword.

Final Fantasy VII G-Bike trailer - Cloud and his Buster Sword

Final Fantasy VII G-Bike trailer – Cloud and his Buster Sword

Square Enix?s announcement trailer for Final Fantasy VII G-Bike shows off Cloud sliding and jumping around to steer clear of obstacles and branding his sword toward enemies as he races through the Midgar stage. Each course has its own set of enemies. In the Midgar stage, Behemoth is shown to be ruling the course.

Without confirming an exact date, the game developer hinted that Final Fantasy VII G-Bike will be released on the latter part of this year to iOS and Android platforms. The mobile game is based on the mini motorcycle race found in Final Fantasy 7?s Gold Saucer.

It is expected that a significant amount of care will be given to the quality of this Final Fantasy VII mobile app since it enjoyed generally good response upon its announcement. The game?s release was previously postponed because of some technical issues. It is said that one of those issues is the limitation to storage space; it was projected to come at more than 1 GB just for the game itself.

Square Enix and CyberConnect2 have been working hand in hand to make Final Fantasy VII G-Bike a reality. The latter is the game studio responsible for the Naruto video game franchise. This new Final Fantasy VII mobile app is expected to infuse RPG elements such as item collection, customization, and leveling up strategies. As details are still limited for now, we can watch the game?s official trailer below.


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