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Sprint Launches ‘Direct 2 You’ House Calls Service For Free

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US carrier Sprint has unveiled a new free program designed to keep you at home while you upgrade your device.

Don?t want to stand in line at a crowded tech store just to get a new phone? Sprint have got your back. The wireless carrier, one of the largest in the U.S., promises to ?transform forever the way customers buy or upgrade? their mobile devices with a new program dubbed as Sprint Direct 2 You.

Sprint house calls

As its name implies, the company is now making house calls. If you?re one of those who hate going to phone stores in person and having to wait for hours just to get someone to help you, Sprint says it hears your frustrations. In a press release, the carrier responded with this pressing customer concern with the Direct 2 You program, which rolls out initially only in Kansas City, Sprint?s hometown, prior to an eventual nationwide rollout.

On April 20, Direct 2 You will also be available in Miami and Chicago. The company plans to ultimately place about 5,000 Sprint Direct 2 You cars in major metropolitan areas by the end of the year. Sprint?s new CEO Marcelo Claure shared, ?With our new Sprint Direct 2 You fleet of cars, it?s as if we are adding 5,000 additional stores. However, these mobile stores will be continuously on the move based on customer demand.?

This strategy is part of the new CEO?s attitude that she wants to imbibe into the company, tech site CNet noted. In 2014, Sprint suffered major setbacks that saw the carrier lose subscribers to competitors. In February, however, Sprint announced that it was able to add about 900,000 subscribers in the fourth quarter of last year.

How the program works

So here?s how Direct 2 You is expected to work. Current customers who are eligible for an upgrade on their existing plan will receive an email or text from Sprint that invites them to call a number and make an appointment for a technician to personally deliver a replacement phone. By September, new customers shopping online in select markets will also be eligible.

After that, a trained Sprint technician promises to arrive on time in a Sprint-marked car. The carrier says you may specify the time (e.g. 10 a.m.) instead of choosing a window of time (10 a.m. to 12 noon). The technician will not only bring the new phone you requested–whether ?the iPhone 6, Galaxy S6, HTC One M9, or whatever handset Sprint carries–but also the most popular accessories bundled to the chosen device for customers who might want to include a case or extra charger.

That?s not all, the technician will also set up the handset, transfer all the content from your old phone (pictures, videos, apps, etc.) to the new one and even teach you how to use it. As mentioned, this remarkable new service is free; the price you?ll pay for the phone upgrade is the same as in the store. This program also covers tablets.

Other Sprint promos

Another notable program among Sprint’s customer retention effort is the “Cut Your Bill In Half” promotion. It promises to significantly slash bills for customers who are willing to switch from rivals AT&T or Verizon. The program was propped up by an aggressive ad campaign that featured customers taking a chainsaw, a sword, or other sharp instruments to cut their old AT&T or Verizon bill. Sprint intends to keep the program running through 2015.

Meanwhile, those who are not covered by the Direct 2 You program or who still want to visit stores in person will now have more stores to choose from. USA Today reports that the company has just taken over about 1,500 Radio Shack stores. This allows Sprint to operate about 2,500 company-owned stores nationwide.


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