Spotify Strongly Recommends an Upgrade for Android App Users After Hackers’ Attack!

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After learning of an unauthorized access in the systems and internal company data, Spotify strongly recommended to Android app users to upgrade their applications over the next few days.

In the official statement posted on their official website, the company said, “We?ve become aware of some unauthorized access to our systems and internal company data and we wanted to let you know the steps we?re taking in response. As soon as we were aware of this issue we immediately launched an investigation.”

The company said that based on their investigation, it shows that only one Spotify user?s data has been accessed and luckily it did not include any password, financial or payment information.

Even so, Spotify said that they’re taking a number of steps to make sure that Android users can keep using Spotify worry-free.

“So, as a precautionary measure against any potential ongoing risk, we are going to guide Android app users to upgrade over the next few days. If Spotify prompts you for an upgrade, please follow the instructions.”

Aside from the recommended upgrade, the company also reminded users to install the application from Google Play, Amazon Appstore, or only.

“We also want to emphasize that you should always use only official Spotify apps that have been downloaded only from the approved sources listed above.”



1. In your Android Spotify app, tap the settings button (the three horizontal lines).
2. Select About.
3. See the version number at the top.
4. Make sure your app version number matches that listed in Google Play. If not, we suggest you uninstall the old version of the app and install the new one.

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