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Spotify Release Radar: Try Out the New Feature or Not Worth It?

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The recent news about Spotify?s latest update called ?Release Radar? ushered in a confusing, yet equally likable feature when you read about how it works. Apparently, the main objective of Spotify Release Radar is to consolidate all new releases in one folder. Despite this likeable feature (getting the latest tracks all in one folder) the feature also has it setbacks and Spotify?s engineering manager Edward Newett is fully aware of that.

In his statement he said ?When a new album drops, we don?t really have much information about it yet, so we don?t have any streaming data or playlisting data, and those are pretty much the two major components that make Discover Weekly work so well. So some of the innovation happening now for the product is around audio research. We have an audio research team in New York that?s been experimenting with a lot of the newer deep learning techniques where we?re not looking at playlisting and collaborative filtering of users, but instead we?re looking at the actual audio itself.”

Rival feature Discovery Week on the other hand has more details to give its listeners thus, they prefer to get their music from there. The feature also contains tracks and artists hits for the last six months, something that ?Release Radar? cannot compete with at the moment.

Differentiating everything from identical artist names to suggesting new bands has only been two of the several setbacks of ?Release Radar.? Every Friday, Spotify will generate new playlist on the folder and by generating one, it means a two-hour long playlist that users can listen to and choose from.


Despite the setbacks, the negative review and the apparent challenges that came with Spotify Release Radar, the music streaming giant only wanted to make things easier for its listeners. By simplifying playlists that most listeners don?t actually dare explore, they are delivering things in an unconventional manner; a manner that may win the hearts of Spotify fans in the future, once they have worked out all the kinks. So it?s a wait and see tactic on a promising feature.

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