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3 Spotify playlists we recommend for different moods

Your music can influence what you’re doing.

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We recommend these 3 Spotify playlists when:

  • You're feeling productive
  • You’re feeling lonely and blue
  • You’re feeling energetic and hyped up

Music is one of the most therapeutic things to keep us going, and we often listen to music at different times of the day. Whether we are studying or working, going on a road trip with friends or family, or going for a run alone; music is always part and parcel of our everyday life. Music is there to keep us company with tunes and beats that keep us inspired and motivated. If you’re looking for good Spotify playlists, here are 3 of our top recommendations.

For When You’re Feeling Productive

One of the best genres of music to listen to when you want to concentrate or focus on a task is lo-fi. This type of music will help you from getting distracted and singing your hearts out to the lyrics of a song. One of the best lo-fi playlists we recommend is this Lo-Fi Pop playlist, which you can easily find on Spotify. We guarantee that this playlist will help you accomplish all of your tasks on your checklist in no time. As an added bonus to the no-distractions part, noise-canceling earbuds are a huge help too!

For When You’re Feeling Lonely and Blue

For those days when you’re feeling a bit blue, this Rain Bops playlist is perfect! Get a cup of hot chocolate ready to keep you warm and cozy while listening to it, and this gloomy weather playlist will be there to keep you company! The next time it rains in your area, make sure that you bookmark this playlist so you can listen to sad songs and emote while listening to the raindrops on your window.

For When You’re Feeling Energetic

When you want to jam to the tunes of some upbeat music, check out this Caught a Vibe playlist. Filled with current trendy songs, this playlist will make you want to dance, groove, and vibe with the energy of the songs and artists therein. This playlist is also a great choice for days when you plan on working out as it will surely get you pumped up and motivated to finish your routine! Looking for earbuds you can use while working out? The Powerbeats Pro True Wireless Earbuds are sweat- and water-resistant so you won’t have to worry about damaging them no matter how sweaty you get.