ReLIFE Chapter 134 Spoilers: Manga Close to Ending?

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ReLIFE Chapter 134
ReLIFE by Yayao Sou

With the release of ReLIFE?chapter 134: Broken Robot, it has become undeniably clear that there is a defining chemistry between Arata and Hishiro. With Hishiro overworking herself and then getting sick, fans were surely on their toes in that scene with the piggyback to the nurse?s office (we are definitely shipping Arata and Hishiro!) Can?t help but notice a few hints that this manga series is nearing the end.?

On this chapter, Arata continued to persuade Hishiro to rely on others more and to work with everyone in preparing for the festival. ?You should be making memories with everyone?, Arata lectured with the hopes of changing the socially awkward Hishiro. We have yet to find out on the next chapter if this will help her out or not. From this scene, we can totally see Arata?s potential in supporting future ReLIFE subjects. It makes fans look forward to a bright and happy ending for Arata and the series.

There?s no official news as to how many more chapters are left, but the plot should take us to either a Hishiro or Arata confession, the School Festival, and the end of the ReLIFE program since the story evolves on a one-year period.

ReLIFE is a fully colored webcomic on Comico – a story about 27-year old, unemployed, Kaizaki Arata. After quitting his job, he had a hard time passing job interviews. This?lead him to meet Yaoke Ryou of the ReLIFE Program Institute. Arata was offered a drug that changed his appearance into a 17 -year old boy to become a subject of the ReLIFE experiment. He begins his life as a high school student once more.

ReLIFE by Yayoi Sou

Hishiro and Arata from ReLIFE

13 episodes of the anime adaptation was released online on Crunchyroll last July 1, 2016. The manga series is ongoing. For more news on ReLIFE Chapter 134 and its succeeding chapters, visit

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