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Spoil your pets with quality grooming using this 2-in-1 blower and comb

This device requires no visits to the grooming salons anymore

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Being a fur parent is not only about feeding your pets and walking them whenever you like. These animals also need some moments to relax and more attention to their hygienic side. Thus, as guardians of your dogs and cats, you need to realize that your pets need as much pampering as you do. Here’s something to help you in taking good care of them.

Meet KSCMall’s Multifunction Blowing Comb, your pet’s friendly grooming kit!

What makes this comb unique?

KSCMall’s Pets Multifunction Portable Blowing Comb is not like the usual hairbrush you use with your dogs. This product works not only as a hairbrush but also as a blower for your pet’s coat. Also, it makes your grooming process faster and even more convenient because of its combined functions.

How do I use this?

This comb and blower combination has functions sensitive to the temperature your dogs can tolerate. You can set the blower’s temperature anywhere between 65℃ and 45℃, depending on how fast you want to dry your pet’s fur. It also comes with a 3-level speed button, letting you adjust the airspeed to a comfortable level.

What other features does it have?

  • Overheating protection
  • Fit for wet and dry use
  • Anti-tangle SR cable
  • Replaceable comb head

What benefits does this give my pets?

  • Skin and hair protection
  • Lower irritation
  • Reduced itching under the skin

Does it make noise as much as regular blowers?

We know how painful it is for dogs to get into so much noise. So, to maintain your dog’s hearing health, we made sure to design this product to have low noise production. That means your pets will not only feel fresh after baths but of healthy hearing as well.


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