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Splatoon 2 And ARMS Release Date Reveal Possibly On April 12 Nintendo Direct Stream

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Will Splatoon 2 finally get it’s release date? [Image from Nintendo UK]

Two of the more exciting titles coming to the Nintendo Switch this year are Splatoon 2 and quirky fighter ARMS. Both games will be the main focus of a new Nintendo Direct presentation tomorrow on April 12, which interested fans. Since these two games are the focus, many are hoping that a release date will be revealed in the presentation.

According to Nintendo of America’s Twitter account, the event will start April 12 at 3 p.m. PT/6 p.m. ET. We will also have an update on the 3DS and Nintendo Switch, so that will be interesting to see then. No mention of the Wii U for the presentation, so that console is pretty much dead, despite having some decent games.

2017 This, 2017 That

Fans want to see release dates for Splatoon 2 and ARMS in the presentation due to their vague release windows. The Splatoon sequel was given a summer 2017 release window and not much else, though the event could change that for the better. Considering the lack of multiplayer games on the Switch – Bomberman isn’t good enough – these titles would be a welcome change.

While many speculated that Splatoon would be ported over to the new console, Nintendo went further than that and greenlit a sequel. This backfired a bit at first, when many mistook the new game as an enhanced port due to their similar visuals, but excitement is back up. ARMS, meanwhile, is a brand new IP that could get plenty of love from Nintendo, depending on it’s critical reaction.

Switching Things Up

Aside from the novelty of multiplayer games, both Splatoon 2 and ARMS could be a nice distraction from Breath of the Wild. While it’s a game of the year candidate with a ton of things to do, it’s also one of the few Switch games available for purchase. New games are coming out already, but they probably don’t have the hype these two titles have from fans.

It’s worth noting that these two games are exclusives to the Switch and aren’t ports of an old Wii U game. Fans will appreciate the exclusivity, since the new console seems to be filled with ports at the moment, though that should change eventually. Until then, we will have to wait for the presentation and see what Nintendo has planned.

Catch the Nintendo Direct special on Twitch or other livestream sources on April 12. Both Splatoon 2 and ARMS will be appearing, hopefully to get a release date. The Nintendo Switch is available now.

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