Spider-Man Reboot New Villain Revealed? Kraven the Hunter Causes Mayhem In 2017?

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Marvel President Kevin Feige has announced before that the villain in the upcoming Spider-Man movie will be someone people haven?t seen yet on the big screen and a recent rumor has surfaced saying they have already confirmed Kraven the Hunter to be Spidey?s opponent.

Kraven the Hunter is a long-time foe of Spider-Man in the comics. The villain trackds-down the web-crawler to prove his worth as the greatest hunter in the world.

Cinemablend however disputed the rumor released by Heroic Hollywood, as the flick is said to be a coming-of-age film for Peter Parker (Tom Holland) that focuses on a young Spider-Man who is struggling to mix both his superhero life and school. As Tom Holland?s Spider-Man is still young, this means that the hero might not yet be established.

What?s way worse for this rumor is that it only sprung-up because Sony Vice President for Creative Affairs Karen Moy was seen buying a copy of ?Kraven?s Last Hunt? trade paperback last week on Amazon. This was done according to HH as it was Moy?s routine to purchase novels for her former Sony boss.

Here is what HH said: “This can’t be a coincidence. Why would the head of the story department buy a trade paperback about one of Spider-Man’s greatest foes for anything OTHER than research purposes? It’s safe to say Sony is looking into the possibility of Kraven as their bad guy.”

Comic Book also disputed the rumor as the bought novel was set in a time when Spider-Man was already in his adulthood.

Why the rumor may be true

This rumor however may still be true as Marvel is known for deviating from the comics especially with the upcoming Guardians of The Galaxy 2 which will be using an originally written story. Kraven the Hunter may just be an ordinary mercenary in the film whom the young Peter Parker battles to defend his city. This is may be possible as we all know how Marvel handled the Mandarin in Iron Man 3.

If Kraven the Hunter will be starring as Spidey?s enemy, the recently upped cast list may or may not be true as the character is nowhere to be seen. This may also mean that the Kraven the Hunter rumor is not true.

The standalone Spider-Man movie will release this July 28, 2017.

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