Spider-Man PS4: Will The White Spider Symbol Be Important?

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Spider-Man PS4

Spider-Man PS4 seems like it will be the title that brings the wallcrawler back to his gaming glory after years of solid, but unspectacular games. While the game does look good, fans had a lot to say about the new costume Peter Parker was wearing. Though most of the comments have been negative, some fans have wondered if the white spider symbol in the suit will be an important plot point in the game.

One curious fan messaged new developer Insomniac Games about the white spider symbol and if it there was any reason for it being there. The answer was a fairly simple ?yup,? which can be seen below. This means that the costume change could be more significant than a simple costume change, though the answer of the developers was so vague it could simply be a minor point in the game.

If the villain of the Spider-Man PS4 game does end up being Mr. Negative, then it is possible that his influence is taking over our favorite web slinger. His touch tends to corrupt individuals, at one point making Aunt May a fairly mean supporting character, before her love for her nephew overcame all of that negativity in the depressingly dark Shed storyline.

This could lead to an Infamous-esque moral choice system, which could make things slightly more interesting. Spider-Man games aren?t exactly new to the concept, since Web of Shadows dealt with that mechanic.

What importance does the white spider symbol have?

A more tame answer to the costume question might be that Peter Parker just wanted to try something new. Insomniac Games was quick to point out that this would not be an origin story and that the PS4 exclusive would follow a more experienced Spider-Man. The full plot details have yet to be released, but the web swinging looks just as fun as it has ever been.

Spider-Man PS4 currently has no release date, though it could come out sometime before or after Spider-Man: Homecoming hits theaters. The game is in good hands, since Insomniac Games has a stellar track record of quality titles like the recent reboot of Ratchet and Clank.

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