Spider-Man PS4: What We Want To See From E3 2017

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spider-man ps4
Spider-Man PS4 has high expectations from fans. [Image from PlayStation]

With E3 2017 happening this month and no official Batman game news, there are plenty of eyes on Spider-Man PS4. This is the first current-gen game featuring the character since the movie tie-in game to Amazing Spider-Man 2. Since it debuted in Sony’s press conference last year, fans are hoping to see new information in this year’s event.

Due to the lack of known facts, we are hoping to see some new intel on Insomniac’s superhero title. Marvel has hyped this up as a step in the right direction for their games, but that’s about it. Spider-Man villain Mister Negative has essentially been confirmed, via the thugs that appeared during the previous E3 trailer.

A Longer Gameplay Video

After the previous trailer, fans are hoping to see a longer and better Spider-Man PS4 gameplay demo this year. Technically, the other video did mostly have gameplay, but we haven’t seen any other gameplay footage since then. Having a video that shows off some of the game’s unique game mechanics would be great to see.

Official Villains

Until Sony actually announces Mister Negative for the game, we can’t say if the minor villain will be in it. Insomniac should announce some of the game’s villains in this year’s E3 event, which should get our geek senses tingling. Vulture might be a safe bet, thanks to Spider-Man Homecoming, but we want to see who else is facing Spidey.

Spider-Man PS4 would be a great way to re-introduce some of the wall crawler’s best rogues to gamers. Characters like Venom and Green Goblin need no introduction, but minor ones like Trapster, Jackal and Molten Man would be welcome. They might not be as well-known as Batman’s group of baddies, but they could entertain fans looking for something new.

Story Details

Everyone knows that the game isn’t related to Homecoming, with that new costume being proof of that fact. All we know is that the Spider-Man we will be controlling is older and more experienced, skipping his tired origin. Those little facts aside, we don’t know what the main story will be about or if the new suit is part of it.

Bottomline is, fans are very excited for Spider-Man PS4, especially with acclaimed developer Insomniac working on it. The company has worked on excellent games in the past, like Sunset Overdrive, along with the Ratchet and Clank reboot. 

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