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Spider-Man PS4 Synopsis ‘Leak’: Green Goblin As Main Villain And Married Peter Parker Rumors Debunked By Insomniac

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The synopsis for the unnamed Spider-Man PS4 game has possibly been leaked on IMDB. If the details revealed are true, this could be one of the most unique Spider-Man games ever made. It will also please fans of the comic books, as it offers a fresh perspective and a shocking status quo.

Comic book fans are aware of One More Day, a story that lead to Marvel retconning Spider-Man?s marriage. Well, if the synopsis is true, the game will be ignoring that and have a married version of the web-slinger. As if that wasn?t enough to make the game interesting, the Green Goblin might be the villain of Insomniac?s PS4 exclusive.

Renew Your Vows

As posted on IMDB, the synopsis of the Spider-Man PS4 game has the Green Goblin hatching a ?sinister? plan. The said plan is so sinister, Spidey will have to protect his family from it, which sounds very interesting. Despite the vagueness of the synopsis, it does promise an epic storyline for the wallcrawler.

Fans of the current line of Marvel Comics will instantly connect the game to Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows. To those unaware, the comic is set in an alternate reality where Peter Parker married Mary Jane and has a daughter with her. Marvel fans can only hope that the game?s story is just as good as the comic books.

Web Of Lies?

With this type of story, it seems like the Spider-Man PS4 project will be a great comic book game. However, it?s worth noting that neither Marvel nor developer Insomniac have confirmed this synopsis to be true. For all we know, the synopsis could be false and the story might be completely different. That being said, while IMDB isn?t as easy to edit as Wikipedia, anyone can still edit-in any information on the site.?

It?s also worth noting that the IMDB page has 2017 beside the title of the game. As of this writing, no one has confirmed that the game will be coming out this year. Sony stated that the game would be coming out in the near future, but didn?t clarify how near.


Just recently however, Insomniac Games has?caught up with the rumors about this alleged leak. While Insomniac didn’t outright debunk the rumor on Twitter, they somehow implied people shouldn’t believe everything they see on IMDB.

Spider-Man PS4 was first shown in E3 2016. Insomniac Games, of Ratchet and Clank fame, will be developing the title.

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