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Spider-Man PS4: Release Window, Villains, And Gameplay Shown At Sony E3 2017

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spider-man ps4
The new Spider-Man game could be amazing. [Image from Marvel Entertainment YouTube]

Sony showcased Spider-Man PS4 to close off their press conference, and it did not disappoint fans at all. The game will have a 2018 release window and has been dubbed as a “true PS4 exclusive” before the screening. We also managed to see two of the game’s villains: Spidey mainstay Kingpin and the now confirmed Mr. Negative.

Negative was hinted at before, due to the masks that the thugs wore in the previous gameplay video. We now see the villain himself, in his regular form and his powered up negative form seen in the comics. Aside from those characters, we also saw Captain Watanabe from Brand New Day and Miles Morales aka Ultimate Spider-Man.

Amazing Gameplay-Man?

Gameplay in Spider-Man PS4 will look similar to the Amazing Spider-Man movie tie-in games from Beenox, which might raise eyebrows. However, it looks more refined than those two titles, with slicker combat and smoother animations, which look absolutely gorgeous. The graphics are also much better than the previous PS4 Spider-Man game, taking full advantage of the console’s power.

If there was anything disheartening about the game, it was the amount of on-rails and quick time events seen in the demo. Admittedly, these are commonly used in so many games, including acclaimed ones like Uncharted 4, but the demo overused it. Here is hoping that the main game doesn’t rely on these too much, even if they’re a staple of gaming.

Spectacular Fan Service

From the demo alone, we can tell that Spider-Man PS4 will be a treat to fans of the comic. Seeing someone like Mr. Negative in glorious HD will have many comic book fans weeping tears of joy. The small cameo from Miles Morales also gained some traction, since he does become the second Spider-Man and an ally to Peter Parker.

It seems like we will be seeing more comic book characters in the game, which is really refreshing. The developers have previously confirmed that we would see an older Spider-Man this time, which no fan will be complaining about. After mostly having movie tie-in games, it will be nice to have a game that delves into the character’s comic book continuity.  

Spider-Man PS4 will come out sometime in 2018, though no official release date was given during the E3 presentation. The title could be one of, if not the best, Spider-Man games to ever come to gaming systems. Hopefully we see less quick-time events in the next demo.

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