Spider-Man PS4 Release: Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Be Hyped

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It might be a long way away, but there’s plenty of excitement surrounding the upcoming Spider-Man PS4 game. After years of releasing mobile games, Marvel has finally released a new console video game featuring everyone’s favorite super hero. Plus, it’s not based on an existing film, so it will be a standalone story that fans of the comics and movies can enjoy.

While very few details have been released, outside of the excellent gameplay trailer from E3, there are quite a few reasons why fans should be excited about the game. Here are three:

Insomniac Games

Currently one of the best mainstream game developers out there, Insomniac Games have been good on a consistent basis with their various game releases, like Resistance and Sunset Overdrive. While Song of the Deep was far from perfect, it was received decently enough, while the Ratchet and Clank movie tie-in defied expectations and made fans nostalgic for 3D platformers. Spider-Man PS4 is in good hands.

An Experienced Spider-Man

Unlike most games that feature the webhead, this version of Spider-Man will be fairly experienced. We won’t have to see Uncle Ben get shot for the trillionth time ? except maybe in a flashback ? so that is already cause for celebration. We won’t have to suffer through high school angst either, which is what Spider-Man: Homecoming is for, just regular adult angst.

Free Roaming Gameplay

While the Amazing Spider-Man 2 had open-world gameplay as well, it was a disappointing experience with a terrible plot and weird controls. From what has been seen in the trailer, the game already looks like a massive improvement over the movie tie-in game, with sharper graphics and some fun looking combat.

Previous Spider-Man games have had a hard time balancing the web swinging with combat, since the latter was always fun and the former felt like a chore. Here is hoping Insomniac Games manages to balance the issue out.

Spider-Man PS4 currently has no release date, nor does it have an official title yet. The game will be a PS4 exclusive when it comes out, with Marvel Games stating that it will be the start of a brand new direction for the company. ?

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