Spider-Man PS4: Is Mr. Negative The Villain?

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Spider-Man PS4

There?s plenty of excitement for the upcoming Spider-Man PS4 game. Most of it comes from the fact that the developer is Insomniac Games, a studio that has made acclaimed hits like Ratchet and Clank and Sunset Overdrive. While some fans ponder on who the main villain will be, the trailer does hint at one of the possible bad guys for the game: Mr. Negative.

Mr. Negative, whose real name is Martin Li, is one of Spider-Man?s more interesting villains. He?s become one of the more prominent gangsters in the Marvel universe and has held his own against the beloved web-slinger many times in combat, due to his powers. He also has a fun character design, courtesy of acclaimed comic book artist Phil Jimenez.

Mr. Negative. Source: Comicvine

The major hint about his appearance is in the thugs that appeared in the Spider-Man PS4 trailer. They all wear the same masks that Negative?s men wear in the comics, so there is no doubt that he will be a big part of the game.

It?s not clear if he will be the main bad guy though, since the game is still in its early stages and Insomniac hasn?t revealed a lot of details. While Mr. Negative has been a formidable foe in the past, he?s too obscure to be the main bad guy for the video game. Expect him to be one of the game?s major bosses, but probably not the last one that players face.

Marvel fans are hoping that Spider-Man PS4 will be the Arkham Asylum of Marvel games. A recent interview with Polygon suggests that could be the case, since the new mandate for Marvel Games is to make ?epic games.? It looks like the company is no longer satisfied with mobile games or mediocre movie tie-ins like Amazing Spider-Man 2 or Sega?s dreadful Thor game.

Spider-Man PS4 currently has no release date, though fans can assume that it will come out sometime before or after Spider-Man: Homecoming is released. Here?s hoping that his old-school costume or his awesome Captain America: Civil War uniform is added to the game as a bonus skin.

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