Spider-Man PS4 Game: Reveal Trailer Shown in E3, No Connection to Spider-Man Homecoming?

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Spider-Man PS4

Marvel fans will be delighted to hear that a Spider-Man PS4 game was announced during Sony?s press conference at E3 2016. While the game might have been overlooked by other titles like Hideo Kojima?s new game Death Stranding, it looks like it might finally be a contender, as Insomniac Games is developing it.

Insomniac Games has had a stellar track record, with games like Ratchet and Clank becoming smash hits for Sony. The company also worked on the stellar Resistance series on PS3, so it?s clear that Insomniac has a big pedigree behind it, and it should be able to make an interesting new Spider-Man game.

Judging from the trailer, it doesn?t seem like the Spider-Man PS4 game will be a tie-in to the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming film that is coming out next year. There?s a good chance that it will come out in the same month for promotional purposes, but aside from that, it seems like Spidey?s new game will be a standalone one, which is for the best.

The new costume seen during the brief gameplay trailer is a completely new one, though it?s clear that some inspiration has been taken from the new film. Spider-Man?s eyes in particular move like they do in Civil War, while the huge spider crest in his costume seems to be based on his current costume in the comics from Dan Slott, where he has become more tech-oriented like Iron Man.

No villains have been revealed, but the masks worn by the gangsters Spider-Man fights in the short video is a possible hint that Mr. Negative is the big bad for the game. Mr. Negative is a fairly new villain to the comics, debuting in 2008 during the ?Brand New Day? era of Spider-Man comics, but he has yet to appear in a video game.

Fans of the Spider-Man 2 tie-in game for PS2? not Amazing Spider-Man 2 ? will be happy to see the web swinging and free roaming return. While these features were in the tie-in game to Amazing Spider-Man 2, it suffered from a poor story structure and combat that didn?t challenge players very much. Fans can only hope that Insomniac Games learns from the mistakes of the previous Spider-Man game and provides a solid story in the upcoming title.

The Spider-Man PS4 game currently has no release date, but it is obviously a PS4 exclusive. Fans can expect the game sometime before or after Spider-Man: Homecoming hits theaters, though neither Sony nor Insomniac Games have commented on the film so far. Seems like the future is bright for Spider-Man.


Insomniac Games has confirmed that Spider-Man PS4 will not be a tie-in game for Homecoming. The game will also be exclusively available on PS4.

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