Spider-Man PS4 Has Fights In Closed Spaces, Including Subways

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The upcoming Spider-Man PS4 game, now dubbed as Marvel’s Spider-Man, has gotten many fans excited for the latest interactive adventure with everyone’s favorite wall-crawler. Most of the game’s revealed footage takes place outside New York, showing off the title’s web swinging and a few rooftop battles here and there, all of which looks pretty fun. Some new art has confirmed that the game will also have closed spaces to go through, including subways, which could be good for variety.

During SDCC 2017, Bill Rosemann, the Executive Creative Director of Spider-Man PS4 has this to say: “Light Spider-man himself, with great power comes great responsibility. We’re lucky enough to work on these things, and it’s our responsibility to make it awesome, to make them the best Marvel games ever.” Dual Shockers has also confirmed that the previously seen subway battle between Spidey and Mr. Negative will be a playable part of the game.

Previous Spider-Man games tended to suffer from these closed spaces, like the sewer levels from the first Amazing Spider-Man game or the various museum-themed fights in older titles. Insomniac will have to nail these well if they want to make the best Spider-Man game ever made, though the previous footage of the game already looks great. Here is hoping that it plays great as well, which is possible given Insomniac’s resume’ of great games, including the Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive.

Marvel and Insomniac have yet to reveal the game’s villains, outside of the aforementioned Mr. Negative and Wilson Fisk, aka The Kingpin of Crime. The Vulture seems likely, since he did appear in Spider-Man Homecoming as the main baddie, who a lot of fans really enjoyed seeing in the movie. Spider-Man PS4 will be exclusive to Sony’s current-gen console and should be out sometime in 2018, with no other details given.

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