Spider-Man PS4: Features Insomniac Games Should Introduce

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Spider-Man PS4

The jaws of comic book enthusiasts and gamers alike had their jaws dropped when it was revealed during Sony?s E3 2016 presentation that there will be a new Spider-Man game being developed for the PS4. We?re all excited for Spidey?s return to video gaming. The trailer for the game looks pretty impressive, and the bar has been set high for the upcoming title. Here are a few features that Insomniac Games should introduce in Spider-Man PS4.

Alternate Costumes

It won?t be a superhero game without alternate costumes. In fact, the Spider-Man games ?from the PS1 probably began the alternate costume features we see today. Many Spider-Man games allow us to switch between Parker?s other costumes, and we?re sure Insomniac Games won?t fail to deliver this feature on Spider-Man PS4 as well.

A Neat Progression System

Some Spider-Man games rely on upgrading Parker?s arsenal of moves as a progression system, but we?d like to see something more in-depth. We?re talking about levels and stats along with the abilities that Spidey has. It?ll make the gaming experience more rewarding, and of course, it?s always fun to see Spidey develop over time.

Two Playable Characters?

This may be asking for too much but it?s fun to control more than one character from Spider-Man?s lore. Eleven years ago, Treyarch released Ultimate Spider-Man. It?s the typical web-slinging game, but one of its unique features is that players were allowed to control Venom during the campaign and later on after the story ends. Venom plays differently from Spider-Man as he needs to constantly feed on citizens to survive. He?s significantly less agile than Spider-Man but he possesses superior strength.

Venom?s a beloved character in the comic series and he deserves a spot in the game like Spider-Man does. We?re hoping Insomniac Games is generous enough to let us also play as the symbiote freak in the upcoming Spider-Man PS4 game.

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