Spider-Man PS4: Features Insomniac Games Should Add For The Open World

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spider-man ps4
Spidey has a lot to learn before coming back to video games. [Image from PlayStation]

The upcoming Spider-Man PS4 game is turning out to be one of the most anticipated titles of 2018. Fans are more than eager to get their hands on the new Spider-Man as it has been quite a while since we gotten our hands on a good one. With all the hype surrounding the title, fans are eager to see more of its features on-screen.

Like majority of Spider-Man games, the Spider-Man PS4 title is going to take place in Manhattan and developer Insomniac Games is looking to provide a good open world. They aren’t the first devs to take on Manhattan though and gamers are pretty knowledgeable about what they want for the game’s open world.

More Diverse Activities

In titles like the acclaimed Spider-Man 2, players got to participate in events throughout the city. Basically, players will need to prevent crimes like bank robberies, car theft, and many more. While it’s fun doing the side activities, it gets tiresome at times.

What fans want for the open world in the Spider-Man PS4 title is more diversity in the events aside from the typical crimes in past games. For example, in Ultimate Spider-Man, players can encounter Shocker sometimes. Shocker is tougher to beat than the other basic goons in the game and it’s a bigger challenge for players. It would be fun to encounter Spider-Man’s long list of enemies outside the main missions. Having to face generic goons time and time again is common for the series but if Insomniac Games allows us to fight multiple villains while in free roam, it’s going to be a first.

Alive and Detailed

Despite its shortcomings, Ubisoft’s take on Manhattan in Tom Clancy’s The Division was a sight to behold. While the final build of the game received a huge graphics downgrade from its E3 debut trailer, the open world was still detailed and fun to explore.

While Insomniac Games have touted that their Spidey game would have an open world that is four to six times larger than Sunset Overdrive, we still haven’t seen how dense each areas are. Having a huge area to explore isn’t good enough. The city needs to feel like a living and breathing world.

At times, the open world in Spider-Man games feel dull. In the open world entries like Spider-Man 2 and the two The Amazing Spider-Man games, everything around Spider-Man feels rather stagnant. The best an NPC does when seeing Spider-Man is say a few lines and then leave.

It felt like Spider-Man was alone in a massive city. For the next games, the developer should try giving more life to the city and the citizens so that it wouldn’t feel like everything else was placed in just like a prop.

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