Spider-Man PS4: What It Can Learn From Batman Arkham Knight

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Spidey has a lot to learn before coming back to video games. [Image from PlayStation]

Even though there’s no release date for it, Spider-Man PS4 seems to be in good hands with Insomniac Games. The character has had a number of good games over the years, but they’ve been eclipsed by the Batman games. Admittedly, Batman games weren’t super good until Arkham Asylum, but that title was a game changer, introducing a battle system that countless games have now imitated.

With Batman: Arkham Knight getting mostly positive reviews, there are a couple of things that Insomniac can learn from it. After all, the last Spider-Man game that came out was based on the Amazing Spider-Man 2 film and it sucked. Looking at superior competition would do this new game some good, while also learning from some of it’s flaws.

Multi-Part Side Missions

One of the best parts of Arkham Knight was the amount of side missions that Batman could take part in. Whether it was blowing up Penguin’s weapons or stopping Two Face from robbing banks, players were never bored. Batman has the best rogue gallery in comics, but Spider-Man comes at a close second and Insomniac should use these villains to their fullest in Spider-Man PS4.

Characters like Electro, Kingpin, Green Goblin, Hobgoblin, Rhino, Kraven the Hunter and more could bother Spidey outside of the main plot. Insomniac have plenty of quality villains to play around with and they could be part in some entertaining missions. Plus, the New York setting means Spidey won’t be having some of Arkham Knights duller side missions, like destroying bases or tank battles.

From the only trailer released thus far, it seems like Mister Negative is the only confirmed villain. He’s been a major thorn on Spidey’s side in the comics, so including him in the game should be a good thing. Vulture will also likely make an appearance due to his major role in Homecoming, so we can expect him as well.

Gameplay Variety

Arkham Knight never limited what Batman could do in the game, as the DC’s biggest hero could beat up thugs, solve murders, take part in tank battles and find trophies. Spider-Man PS4 needs to offer something similar, using some of Spidey’s well-known habits to their fullest. Web swinging is a given, since we saw it in the trailer and has been the most fun parts in recent Spider-Man games.

While he’s not as layered as Bruce Wayne, Peter Parker is a photographer for the Daily Bugle, a fact the game can’t ignore. Players should be able to take pictures of Spidey to make some extra money and buy bonus items, like extra costumes. There can even be side missions where Peter can investigate the more corrupt areas in New York as Spidey for Daily Bugle stories.

One thing Spidey doesn’t have to copy from Batman is stealth, which has never gone well on a Spider-Man game. Shattered Dimensions arguably did it best and it still paled in comparison to Arkham Asylum. Unless Insomniac Games can overcome the crazy camera angles that normally come with a Spider-Man game, stealth should be avoided.

Better DLC

If there is any DLC planned for Spider-Man PS4, it has to be better than the ridiculously expensive season pass of Arkham Knight. While it’s cheaper now at US$19.99, it was originally priced at US$39.99, which is way too expensive. Most of the DLC wasn’t worth it, outside of the Batgirl story, the new campaign villains, and the challenge missions.

Episodes for Catwoman, Nightwing and Robin were too short, though they were fun to play. Pre-order DLC was eventually given to pass owners like the Red Hood and Harley stories, but it wasn’t enough. To their credit, some of the free DLC costumes were great, like the Batman v Superman suit and the one from the Dark Knight.

While it’s not clear if the game will be getting DLC, it’s not out of the question in this age of gaming. Should a season pass be confirmed, Insomniac should make sure it is reasonably priced and fun. Free costumes would also help, since Spidey has a ton of iconic ones.

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