Spider-Man Homecoming Trailer 3 Easter Eggs: The Tinkerer, Shocker, And More

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spider-man homecoming
Easter eggs from the latest trailer. [Image from IMDB]

Spider-Man Homecoming is going to be one of July’s hottest movies, and Marvel has released a third trailer. The video is a good one, showing some new footage and a couple of fun jokes that fans will appreciate. As usual, there are a couple of easter eggs that fans might get excited about, so here is the rundown.

Peter’s Stark Suit

Despite the fact that it looks like his classic outfit, Captain America: Civil War showed that it’s very Stark-y. Fans can see that in the beginning, as a female voice talks to Peter about the webs he can shoot. His emblem glows, which is similar to his current outfit in the comics, so that’s a neat detail to add.

The Tinkerer’s Weapons

Aside from The Vulture, played by Michael Keaton, Peter will also have to deal with The Tinkerer in Spider-Man Homecoming. While the villain himself doesn’t appear in the third trailer, we do see burglars using advanced weaponry from him. It should be a good reveal and it’s a nice way to get fans excited about the minor villain.

Shocking Developments

We get to see a brief glimpse of Shocker, one of Spider-Man’s fan favorite villains, despite not being much of a threat these days. Admittedly, his shock gloves would be enough to hurt most people, but Spidey has tangled with him so much that it’s practically no challenge. However, Peter is still young in the MCU, so expect him to have some trouble with the super villain.

Eye See You

One great thing about the new suit in Spider-Man Homecoming is how they allow the mask’s eyes to move. In the comic books, Spider-Man’s mask tends to be as expressive as his face, though it makes little sense. The trailer uses this for a quick gag, when it malfunctions and the eyes wink uncontrollably, scaring some children.

Fly Like a Spider?

We get to see the infamous web armpits in action here, helping Spider-Man glide a bit, but not too much. These didn’t really do anything in the comics, and were just an interesting design choice by his co-creator Steve Ditko. Spider-Woman can actually fly, and she had similar looking web armpits, though they looked more like wings.

Spider-Man Homecoming is slated for a July release, and is the second MCU film coming out this year. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 was the first and Thor Ragnarok will be the last in 2017, for anyone keeping track.

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