Spider-Man Homecoming: Ground Level of Marvel Universe

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spider-man homecoming

Spider-Man Homecoming is still in the middle of filming, but the recent San Diego Comic Con has provided some hints in what to expect from the film.

According to director John Watts, the movie is a highschool movie about a 15-year-old kid. Don?t be turned off at this revelation, Spider-Man is going to be as awesome as its predecessors.

?It?s a pretty cool universe to be a part of,? says Watts. ?It?s a straight up highschool movie about a 15-year-old kid. I always described it as ?the ground level of Marvel Universe?.?

In addition, Watts said, ?We know how it?s like to be a billionaire playboy inventor, we know what it?s like to be an alien god from another dimension, we?re gonna learn what it?s like to go to the astro plane.? Of Spider-Man he has this to say, ?We?re also gonna learn what it?s like to have just finished going through puberty, and be in 10th grade.?

Sounds boring? On a quick interview with Entertainment Weekly, Tom Holland who plays Spider-Man, thinks that the super hero story fits so well with a highschool story.


?It?s because it?s every kid?s dream?to have powers. Not necessarily Spider-Man powers, but I mean if you ask any 15-year-old kid, like [if] you?ve got 3 wishes, one of them would probably be to give me superpowers.?

Holland says that he finds Peter Parker so relatable because he?s 15 and he?s going through what every 15-year-old teen is going through?and more. ?Add the fact that aside from having to do chemistry homework, he has to save New York City at the same time.

Watts also hinted to a supervillain from the Spiderman comics who is coming to the movie?Vulture. ?He?s one of the classics, and we?ve never seen him out there; he?s never been brought to life.?

Holland says the tragic thing about the story is that he?s secretly cool, but nobody can know. The movie also stars Zendaya who starred in Disney Channel?s sitcom, Shake it Up.

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