Spider-Man Homecoming Cast, Release Date, News & Update: New Trailer Reveals Second Reboot in Five Years

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The all new Spider-Man Homecoming reveals something you never expected before: wings to go with the conventional Spidey suit. Apparently, fellow Avenger Tony Stark (Iron Man) developed the Spidey wings, tagging it as a minor upgrade on the costume. In the latest Spider-Man 15-second trailer, Stark Industries sent it as a gift to Peter Parker (Tom Holland).

Does the new Spider-Man wings allow Peter to fly? Not exactly, but the wings can make him glide through air. If you notice, the ?wings? aren?t exactly what you portray as a wing. Spiderman?s gift comes in the form of an arm web that connects Spider-Man?s arm and sides when he spreads his arms out. The wings, as designed by Stark Industries, complement the original suit of Spider-Man.

Spiderman Homecoming trailer

The full Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer will be featured on the Jimmy Kimmel show. Stark?s initiative to give Spiderman?s suit an upgrade is brought by his assistant Happy Hogan, who secretly told him just how old Spidey?s suit is. ?

Tom Holland, who plays Peter Parker in the Spider-Man: Homecoming movie, was first seen playing Spider-Man in ?Captain America: Civil War. He has since ?signed a contract for three-full length Spider-Man movies and a total of six Marvel movie appearances.

The Spider-Man: Homecoming full trailer will air on the Jimmy Kimmel show at 11:35 p.m. ET on Dec. 8. ?The movie, on the other hand, will hit theaters July 7, 2017. The 15-sec trailer did not reveal much, but it did feature enough to show what the Spider-Man suit with wings is all about. Will the new upgrade affect Spider-Man?s ability to climb walls and buildings? Or will Tony Stark have to work on updates to make the costume perfect?

Spider-Man to join Avengers?

The idea of the web wing on the Spider-Man suit was something done as early as the 60?s. But when artist John Romita took over and ?Steve Ditko had to give up the character, all thoughts about the web wing vanished.

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