Spend less time sweeping and more time binge-watching with the help of this robot

It comes with a trash bin whose dirt collector will free you from touching dirt.

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Suppose planning to clean your entire house on the weekend. Then you try to look around and get tired in an instant. Problems like these call for advanced solutions like Gadget Plus. With this, your general cleaning session will turn out to be a walk in the park.


Gadget Plus’ Neabot NoMo Hands-free Robot Vacuum is not like any sweeper. This convenient cleaning device features a strong 2700Pa suction that lets you clean deep and effectively. You can also adjust the suction power to two lower levels should you plan to use it in locations not requiring extensive cleaning.


What’s unique about this product is that it comes with an automatic dirt collection and disposal function. That means dirt collected goes straight into the dustbag, and all you need to do is take the dustbag out.


You can sync this robot to your phone using an application. That way, you can designate the areas that need cleaning and those belonging to the No-Go zones.


$599.00 $429.99

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