Speed Up Your Android Phone Just Like How Apple Made iOS 7.1 Faster

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Speed Up Your Android Phone Just Like How Apple Made iOS 7.1 Faster

If you are an Android smartphone user, you are not alone in having the ?Apple iOS 7.1 Speed Envy?. That is, you wish your Android phone would be a bit faster, the same way Apple made the iOS 7.1 speed up. Fret no more, here’s how.

Apple recently released the much awaited update – the iOS 7.1, and iDevice users were thrilled with the new features it brought, as well as the bug fixes that cleaned up a number of glitches. But, most of all, those who had the update were thrilled about the way their iDevices gathered speed.

The iOS 7.1 update made the iPads and iPhones faster in a very noticeable way, making the user experience more enjoyable and satisfying. Of course, this made a lot of Android users wish that their own Android gadgets would get the same speed boost as their iOS counterparts.

Why not? Why do Apple device users get all the flash?

With just a few simple tweaks, Android users can have the same treat for their smartphones and tablets. This is possible because, unlike some operating systems, Android is very flexible. Plus, the Google OS is open to 3rd party developers to play around with, and provide fixes and tweaks. Also, the Android flexibility makes it possible for capable owners to customize their device, the way they want.

Some of the tweaks created and shared by these 3rd party developers are ways to boost the speed of your Android device, by customizing the speed of transition animations that are displayed, when users switch apps, and when they open and close windows. This is similar to what Apple did to the iOS update.

The tweaks can be done within the settings called ? Developer Options?, which is found in all recent Android handsets.

If you have difficulty in locating ?Developer Options? (or if for some reason it is hidden in your smartphone), you can try Googling the info to see how this setting can be accessed. Example, search: ?enable developer options name of smartphone?.

Warning: The BitBag is not responsible for any errors which may occur on your device. Modifying the default settings in your device may brick the device and cause damage. Read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid damaging the device. Do this at your own risk.

Once you get to ?Developer Options?, scroll down until you get to the following 3 settings. This may be on the main display or located inside an ?Advanced? page.

The 3 settings are:

1. Animator animation scale

2. Transition animation scale

3. Window animation scale

Once you find these 3 settings, tap on each of them to reveal the current default setting, which is ?1x?.

To speed up your Android device, modify the setting to ?.5x? for each of the 3 settings.

And you’re done.

Don’t let iOS users get all the action. This simple tweak will speed up your Android device just like those iPads and iPhones.

A final word of caution, especially for those using older Android smartphones with slow processors, the change in transition speed may cause some choppiness.

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