Spectre Release Date And News: Daniel Craig Still Returning As James Bond After This Movie?

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?I?ll keep going as long as I?m physically able,?

Daniel Craig tells everyone as he insists that ?Spectre? will not be his last James Bond exploit. The 47-year-old actor had a chance to talk with Daily Mail about his future as James Bond and his experience in playing the most coveted role in the movie industry.

?He?s a killer. He kills for a living,? he tells Daily Mail in an interview. ?But it?s an honor to play him. I get such a big kick out of doing it. I had an opportunity with Casino Royale to wipe the slate clean,? Craig adds. ?Although I?m not saying it was a rebirth of Bond ? that sounds conceited ? I was a huge fan of Bond before,? he exclaims.

?But I couldn?t just do a movie where I would straighten my tie and drink a Martini. It?s all been done. It had to happen in the right way. And we?ve done that. That for me, as an actor, is so important.? He also shares to everyone how he admires Bond?s tenacity and how he never gives up. ?But it?s how he stands up against adversity because he?s one against many.?

?I remember saying, ?If this is the last thing I do in my career, then that would be OK? because come on ? it?s not that bad a role to have under your belt,? But of course, Daniel Craig has done a lot more movies other than 007. ?But after Casino Royale I panicked a little about people only seeing me a certain way and I started thinking, did I need to play someone totally opposite from Bond? But as time goes on, I?ve relaxed about that attitude.

?It?s so funny that people have this image of me as the hard man when that?s really not me. I?m not James Bond. I am genuinely not him. I don?t need any of his lifestyle. I?m just an actor folks ? it?s acting.?

?Spectre? hits theaters on October 26, 2015 in the UK and worldwide on November 6, 2015.

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