Spec Ops: The Line Is A Financial Failure

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In an interview conducted with Gamestar, Yager Entertainment unveiled some very interesting information about the team?s cover shooter, Spec Ops: The Line.
According to them, Spec Ops: The Line has been in development for more than five years, and despite all the hard efforts, the game was a financial failure.

Gamestar wrote, ?The title, which inspired people to write whole books on their confrontation with Captain Walker and his descent into madness, could not justify its development.?

Devs told Gamestar that the Yager team took five hellish years just to complete Spec Ops: The Line?s game mechanics, presentation and its story. Yager Entertainment managed to convince 2K Games to publish this game, but sadly, Spec Ops: The Line?s sales were below expectations according to 2K Games.

That explains why the Yager team will not be making any sequel for the game, or any other military shooter according to the managing director, Timo Ullman.

?If you can?t compete with the big ones, the risk is too big. The market for ?smart? or ?intellectual? games is too niche. Elitist almost?, Timo said.

Though Spec Ops: The Line featured a great storyline, truth be told ? it has ?disappointing gameplay elements. The game was basically a clone of Gears of War, a ?bad clone? that is. It played like Gears of War, but it never felt as satisfying.

And to top it all, Yager Entertainment failed to deliver the biggest feature that they promised, and that is the ability to manipulate sand. The team promised that players will be able to use sand to kill foes ?in the game, but it only packed specific events in which players will be able to take advantage using the desert sand.

All in all, Yager Entertainment?s Spec Ops: The Line deteriorated mostly from casual mechanics of gameplay. And while the game has a promising storyline and a mature enough tone, the game?s gameplay was very far from it. Now, that explains the very poor sales.


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