Spawn Movie Reboot Updates: Plot, Concept Art, & Release Date

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Nearly two decades ago, the world was introduced to the movie Spawn. Since then, fans have been wanting to see the character in the big screen once more. In a recent interview with the original writer of Spawn, it was revealed that a new movie will be coming out. But, will it be similar to its predecessor?

Writer and Image Comics co-founder Todd McFarlane recently talked to the AMC Series Geeking Out. He revealed that the possibility of a new Spawn movie is high. However, he also clarified that it is not a continuation of the 1997 film.

Spawn Movie Reboot Plot

If the reboot is not a sequel, fans are wondering what could be the theme of the film. McFarlane said, ?It?s going to be a dark, R-rated scary, badass sort of script. It?s not a nice, polite PG-13 with ray guns? The world?s going to be real, except for one thing that?s going to move.?

This information from the writer would suggest that the movie is going to be bloody and disgusting. But, although he already teased the fans of an R-rated film, the Spawn Movie Reboot is still going to be one of the most anticipated films in the near future.

Aside from the ?badass sort of script,? McFarlane also shared some details earlier this year about the character. In an interview with Comic Book, McFarlane said that Spawn is going to be presented as a boogeyman in the film. He will not have any villains to fight as he is going to be the spectre in the movie.

On the other hand, the writer has already finished the script. McFarlane mentioned that as of the moment, the script has 183 pages. But, it may be trimmed down to 140 before the production starts.

With regards to the release date of the Spawn Movie Reboot, the writer did not confirm anything about it. For now, fans should just be glad to know that a Spawn movie is coming. When do you think it will hit the big screens? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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