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This is (by the flickeringly brief half-life of internet life) old news by now, but March 1 of 2007 will be remembered by many for a series of rather remarkable events. Rather than try to put my own synopsis on the events, which would inevitably include my own spin no matter how hard I tried to suppress it, here’s a link to Kotaku’s own page with jumps to the three posts around which controversy raged.

Now for my take – and this is just one person’s opinion. I can’t see either side as the hero, or as the villain. As stated on the threads themselves (yes, I write for one blog but post on another), I really wished some other resolution had been reached when it looked like Kotaku was getting the cold shoulder from Sony. I am glad the camps made amends. The question is begged, though: is the damage already done?

I am glad Kotaku didn’t lose their relationship with Sony. I’m also rather surprised at Sony’s reaction overall. Isn’t the theory PlayStation Home a good idea, thus constituting good news? I’d think they’d find some of that welcome. Though thankfully there’s a bit of it around: finally, an end to the Immersion ugliness; DVD upscaling, w00p w00p! Also, that controversial PS Home network sounds pretty damn good.

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