SpaceX Explosion Cause, Launch, Update: Relaunch To Happen Next Week; Rocket Malfunction Not Yet Resolved?

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A few weeks ago, SpaceX, headed by its CEO Elon Musk, presented their report on the September explosion of the Falcon 9 rocket. But even with the ongoing investigation, the company won a NASA contract worth $116 million. SpaceX?s new job under the NASA contract is to survey Earth?s bodies of water and make an analysis of their frequency and movement.

Today, it was announced that another Falcon 9 rocket from SpaceX is scheduled to launch on December 16, 2016. This will be the first time the company will perform another rocket launch after the incident that happened in September. Meanwhile, reports reveal one of the reasons why SpaceX hurriedly finished their report is for them to be able to launch a new rocket this December.

In September, SpaceX postponed all of its pending rocket launches when a Falcon 9 exploded during pre launch refuelling. The incident happened at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. The catastrophe is said to be the cause of pressurized liquid helium bursting. At the time of the explosion, Space Communication Ltd.?s $200 million satellite was aboard the rocket.

Musk admitted that the incident has been by far the hardest investigation the company ever did in the history of SpaceX.

Issues Surrounding Elon Musk’s Company

This is not the first time the company experienced such issues. In 2015, the company?s other rocket failure included disintegration in just 2 minutes and 19 seconds after launching.

In the latest statement by company?president Gwynne Shotwell, she said ?We are looking forward to return to flight.?

Iridium Communications believes SpaceX has mastered the fuelling system of their Falcon 9 rockets, hence the Virginia-based satellite constellation company?s confidence on SpaceX to deliver their satellites. The company plans to send aboard 10 of their satellites via SpaceX?s Falcon 9 rockets. This project of Iridium targets the replacement of their old existing satellite constellations. Iridium commits 70 of their satellites in the hands of SpaceX.

For more news about the Falcon 9 launching this December, make sure to read us here on TheBitBag. Also, check in the coming days the result of the rocket investigation presented by Elon Musk?s company.

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