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SpaceX: Attempts in Second Landing Ends in Failure yet again

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A Falcon 9 rocket. [By SpaceX [CC0 or CC0], via Wikimedia Commons]

Many people have seen the SpaceX program flounder yet again for the second time.

Last Wednesday?s attempt was the closest that SpaceX?the ambitious commercial space flight program?had been to reusing a rocket that they?ve used for launch. CEO Elon Musk had shared a Vine that showed the rocket landing a bit successfully, according to CNET. What they didn?t show, however, was what happened to the rocket further into the video.

The article from Defense News [link added] also shares a bit of insight into the landing and its possible circumstances. What would the rocket?s successful launch bring to the table? Gwynne Shotwell, SpaceX President and COO, shares her thoughts on how big a successful launch would be for SpaceX and, in turn, for everyone who wants to fly commercially to space.

Another Botched Attempt

SpaceX has been trying to attempt a successful launch for their Falcon 9 rocket, that is no secret.

However, the attempts have always ended in disaster and so far, none of the rockets had made it successfully back. That also includes the latest rocket to make a touchdown which, according to CNET, almost made it successfully back before it succumbed to opposing forces like the waves and the wind. It also fell down, although Elon Musk?s Vine video didn?t show it.

As long as the Falcon 9 rockets tip and fall over, SpaceX?s Falcon 9 dream will always remain a pipe dream. Perhaps, SpaceX should invest better vertical landing system for the rocket? The answer lies in how the company will react to this latest set-back.

Gwynne Shotwell?s thoughts

Gwynne Shotwell was on hand to give her thoughts about the latest failed rocket landing.

According to the Defense News article, it appears that a combination of factors?the size of the barge and the natural motion of the ocean?were defining elements in the failure of the rocket to stay upright, and Shotwell seems to think that?s the case as well.

Shotwell is still positive about the potential of re-using the rockets, however. If they manage to do it, Shotwell thinks, the cost of shuttling people back and forth would be significantly lower. The thought is to be able to shuttle people back and forth using just one rocket.

Affordable Space Trips

It might feel like something out of a science fiction movie, but the SpaceX initiative?if it happens?could be a bigger step for man than the rocket to the moon. It might even be the final step towards moving towards and exploring the stars.


Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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