8 space-themed products for the galaxy lovers

Out-of-this-world furniture, appliances, and entertainment pieces for space lovers!

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Discover these fun space-themed products from Apollo Box:

  • Space Claw Machine
  • 3D Space Shuttle Light
  • Fun Astronaut-Themed TP Holder
  • Space Bear UFO Humidifier
  • Wooden Astronaut Digital Clock
  • Astronaut-Inspired Side Table
  • Space Capsule Transparent Cat Bed
  • Spaceship Astronaut Bluetooth Speaker

There are so many things that make space super amazing! With its thrilling beauty and trillions of galaxies that are yet to be discovered, what’s not to love? Whether you admire it for its unique aesthetic or for its symbolism of curiosity and mystery, you’ll definitely fall in love with these space-themed products from Apollo Box! Plus, they’re functional so you can add a spacecore vibe to your everyday life.

Space Claw Machine

This Space Claw Machine will turn your home into a fun arcade! It even has fun flashing lights for that futuristic aesthetic, and unique toys inside each of the balls that come with it! This entertainment piece is a great bonding activity that is sure to amuse you, your family, and your guests!

3D Space Shuttle Light

This 3D Space Shuttle Light provides a relaxing ambiance so you can blast off to dreamland. It comes in five different space shuttle designs so you can choose your favorite one, or get them all – one for each room in the house! This unique charming lamp gives off just the right amount of warm light to prepare you for bed after a long day or as an accent light for movie nights.

Fun Astronaut-Themed Toilet Paper Holder

This Fun Astronaut-Themed Toilet Paper Holder is a functional piece of decor to bring that spacecore vibe into your bathroom! Available in two colors (white/gold and white/blue), the astronaut’s hands are designed to hold toilet paper rolls while his helmet serves as a little shelf. You can count on this astronaut to hold your essentials while you do your business. You can also add a succulent for some added greenery to your bathroom, as well as other bath essentials like soap and lotion.

Space Bear UFO Humidifier

The Space Bear UFO Humidifier features an adorable baby bear in his own spaceship! This humidifier has two nozzles for all-around coverage and a soft glowing light so you can also use it as a nightlight. It runs quietly for up to eight hours, giving you a peaceful night’s sleep.

Wooden Astronaut Digital Clock

This Wooden Astronaut Digital Clock is a subtle space-inspired functional decor. It’s the perfect addition to Muji-inspired homes. Its style is a combination of intergalactic and zen with its digital display, astronaut frame, and rubberwood material. Plus, this digital clock is battery-operated so you can bring your little space pal with you wherever you go.

Astronaut-Inspired Side Table

This Astronaut-Inspired Side Table is a great way to add “space” and “quirky” to your home! The cute table features an adorable astronaut design with a helmet tabletop, a shelf, and space-suited legs. It’s the perfect accent table for any space lover’s living room or bedroom.

Space Capsule Transparent Cat Bed

This Space Capsule Transparent Cat Bed makes a cozy nook for your fur babies! It is made of solid wood and transparent acrylic so you’ll know it’s durable. In fact, it can carry up to 13.2 lbs! The dome resembles a space ball with a 7.5-inch opening that keeps it breathable and comfortable for your pet. Plus, the transparent cover makes it easy for you to observe their every move.

Spaceship Astronaut Bluetooth Speaker

This Spaceship Astronaut Bluetooth Speaker is another functional space decor you can add to your room or workspace. You can easily connect it to your gadgets to play your favorite tunes as it works with most Bluetooth devices. This space-themed speaker comes in two colors too (white/gold and white/silver), so you can choose which one goes well with your room.