South Park Season 20, Episode 7: Obama and McCain Steals the Hope Diamond

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South Park Season 20

The South Park episode ?Oh, Jeez? that aired this week had to be quickly rewritten by its creators to reflect President-elect Donald Trump?s victory.

Originally, the seventh episode of the series was supposed to be titled ?The Very First Gentleman,? a reference to Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton?s husband Bill. The creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker predicted that Clinton will win the election.

A clip of the said election was teased earlier this week. After the results of the elections were released, the writers of the show were caught off guard.

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SouthPark Script Rewritten

South Park?s script, unlike any other cartoon?s, is written just one week before it airs. This is to ensure that they can poke fun at the latest headlines. In fact, in its 19th and 20th seasons, they have featured several ridicules on both Clinton?s and Trump?s campaigns.

South Park Season 20
This is why when the new GOP candidate has won, the writers had to make quick changes to the episode?s script within 24 hours to reflect on the immediate aftermath of Trump?s win.

The episode was titled ?Oh, Jeez? a reference to thee catchphrase of the show?s Donald Trump ?Mr. Garrison? and probably everyone?s shock on the turn of events.

In 2008, Stone and Parker correctly predicted the election. They were able to deliver a memorable episode. Election stories have fueled some of the show?s comedic gold, like the ?Douche and Turd? a week before the 2004 elections.

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Episode 7 Storyline

Barack Obama and John McCain was parodied teaming up to steal the Hope Diamond during the 2008 election episode.

In the election storyline of the show, Clinton is the character with the nickname ?Turd Sandwich.? After the opening scene, where Mr. Garrison was declared winner, people at a Turd Sandwich rally were seen crying and disoriented with one person even shooting himself.

The episode also made strong points about internet trolls and sexism.

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